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Safety Information for the Buyer


The OSHA Act of 1970 holds all employers responsible for the inspection and maintenance of tools used by their employees. Inspections should be completed by assigned, competent persons before use on a daily basis. 

If equipment appears to be worn, torn, or damaged, immediate removal of the equipment is required. All equipment should be used only for the intended purpose for which each piece is designed or manufactured. 

All buyers, users, employees, must be properly trained to use Nisto Inc.’s equipment in a safe and appropriate manner. Trainings should include not only the proper use of Nisto’s products, but also the recognition of worn parts on Nisto Inc.’s equipment that signal replacement. Worn or damaged signs would include (but not limited to) torn material or frayed material, mildew on material, worn look on any part of the equipment. 

The Nisto Rescue Device is manufactured for professional safety rescue use only.


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